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Posted by Admin User on Aug 27th 2013

Covering your pool when you close up for the season is vital for your pool's health. It helps to protect the water in the pool as well as the liner from the harsh elements like snow, wind, ice, dirt, and debris. Since it is protection for your pool, it catches all these elements and gets very dirty. Therefore, cleaning your pool cover is extremely important to do before you open your pool.

303 has amazing cleaners that help you remove the dirt and debris, as well as removing most difficult stains. It is safe for all water-safe fabrics and surfaces. Their products are made at the highest standards and created to give you a quality product with satisfaction. Besides cleaners, they also have Protectants and a Fabric Guard.

The 303 High Tech Fabric Guard is great for your pool cover because it helps to replenish and restore the liners ability to repel water to factory new levels. It protects against soiling, water-based stains, and even oil-based stains and is safe for a variety of different fabrics.

When you are looking for a brand to trust. 303 Products is the way to go. For more information on 303 Products, check out this article at PoguePoolSpa.com.

303 Products Fabric Guard