A Scary Death That is Cause for Concern

Posted by Admin User on Nov 15th 2013

A death in Florida has been raising concerns for parents and swimming facilities nationwide. As a storm rolled in, the coaches of a Florida swim team had to evacuate their team from the pool and get everyone safe and at home with their families. After everyone left the pool, they realize that they were missing a swimmer from their 8-10 age group—Kristin. They checked the parking lot and the campus and fifteen minutes later, they made their way to the pool and found her floating. Unfortunately, because of the water conditions and the situation, Kristin did not survive. While the blame led to coaches being fired and fingers pointed at lifeguards and the facility, we are left to wonder what risks are involved when a child—or any human being for that matter—enters the pool. Kristin had suffered from health conditions such as inexplicable fainting spells-which could have caused her to be a silent while drowning and in turn, could be why no one realized she fell in while everyone evacuated the pool. When the coaches and staff gave the pool a look to check and see if everyone was out, shadows could have prevented them from seeing her body. As much as we want to think that ‘because there are adults present, nothing bad will happen,’ this is completely false. All we can do is hope that our child is educated and when certain symptoms arise that could cause them danger, we have to do our best to inform those around us so that we can try to keep our children as protected as possible. Sometimes, terrible events happen to show us ways to improve and try to be better. As a whole, we all need to take a step back and figure out what lessons can be learned here and apply them to our lives. Our prayers and best wishes go out to Kristin’s family and friends.