Absolutely Glowing

Posted by Admin User on Jun 26th 2013

From stars on the wall to summer fireflies, children are constantly fascinated by anything that glows. Not often seen in adulthood until now, everyone can enjoy the fascination that comes from the glowing lights seen poolside. Inventors have created magical glowing tiles that are made from 99% recycled material. These tiles come in soft blue and sea foam green and are destined to turn your pool into a wonderland at nighttime. During the daytime, they are invisible and simply look like pearlescent tiles. At nighttime however, the tiles come alive for up to 8 hours! Tile not your thing? Try out the crystals. They come in three different sizes, as well as in powder form. Choose from deep sapphire, aqua, or firefly colors. These can be scattered over wet concrete to turn your poolside into a fairyland! For more information on glow-in-the-dark pool accessories, contact the pros and poguepoolspa.com.