Air Supply Comet 2000 Blower

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Mar 13th 2014

A Comet 2000 Blower is the perfect way to bubble up your spa. It's a highly advanced super quiet blower that is designed for OEM and portable spas. Comet 2000 Features:
  • Tapered slip fitting that eliminates the need for glue or clamps
  • It has a thermally protected motor to prevent a burnout
  • Compact size
  • Multi-position mounting
  • High impact resistance at high & low temperatures
  • Choice of 3 ft Pigtail, Len Gordon cord, Bret cord or Ray Pack cord
  • U.R. recognized CSA approved
  • Also available with a heater
The Comet 2000 Blower is available in both 110V and 220V. Find out more about it at

Comet 2000 Air Blower