AquaLink RS Touch

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Nov 19th 2013

The AquaLink RS Touch by Jandy allows you to control your pool equipment with a single touch. It's a smart control system that gives the ultimate automation experience. You can switch over from pool to spa with the push of a button. Adjust the temperautre, turn on the lights and more without even being there!

Product Features:

Control Your Entire System - Manage your pool and spa temperature, jets, cleaner, lights, and heater remotely.

Automate Daily Functions - Schedule daily functions.

Protect your Equipment - Ensures freeze protection by using sophisticated sensors.

Energy Saving - Save energy by scheduling filtration, and prioritizing solar energy to heat your pool or spa.

Customization  - Customize the control system to fit your needs.

Functions as a digital picture frame when not being used - Can be managed with the Memory Card input.

Technical Details:

7" Touch Screen

Custom Home Screen

Wireless with Desktop Charger

Simple Programming

The Jandy AquaLink RS Touch can also be controlled using your smart phone or any web-enabled device.

You can also integrate it with your spa side controls, home automation system, your cholorine generator and more.

This control system can be used to manage up to 32 pool and spa features.

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AquaLink RS Touch