Basildon Lifeguard Saves Heart attack Victim

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on May 29th 2014

Earlier this month, Emily Jones, a 22 year old lifeguard, saved John Mitchell's life after he fell unconscious  at the Basildon Sporting Village. John Mitchell is a regular at the Basildon pool. He wears a pacemaker and has a heart condition but that doesn't stop him from swimming regularly. That morning, Miss Jones was on duty at the pool when she saw Mr. Mitchell go for his swim. He swam about ten meters, then went to the side of the pool. Once there, he suddenly collapsed and fell unconscious. Miss Jones and her manager pulled Mr Mitchell out of the pool, and she started CPR. The ambulance arrived 6 minutes later, and that's when Mr. Mitchell took a breath. Miss Jones had been performing CPR that entire time. Since then, Mr. Mitchell has made a full recovery. Jones works as a first responder in Brentwood. She was awarded a Royal Life Saving Society Certificate of Meritorious Action on May 25th for her quick thinking at the  Basildon Sporting Village. Stories like this, showcase the importance of CPR. Check out for more industry news. Emily Johns saves John Mitchell at the Basildon Sporting Village Image from