Bats and your Pool

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Dec 2nd 2013

You may wonder what bats could possibly have to do with your pool, but there seems to be a very important link. Drowned bats in swimming pools are becoming more common than they were before. It wouldn't be very significant except for the fact that they have a low reproductive rate, just a single pup a year. The scientific community is concerned that pools may be a threat to bats and has launched a survey to determine patterns and to possibly come up with pool modifications to minimize bat fatalities. A bat drinks by lapping up water as it glides over the surface. Sometimes their flight path is obstructed and they end up in the water. Unfortunately the slick pool walls make it difficult for them to scrabble out. One theory is that the climate change has led bats to use pools as their water source, but for now, the survey's main purpose is to collect data. The researchers would like "anyone who owns, uses, manages or observes a swimming pool on a regular basis" to help by taking their online survey. To take the survey and for more information go to! Every person's input helps.