Child is Rescued From the Bottom of a Pool

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Apr 16th 2014

According to WHO, drowning is the third cause of accidental deaths in the world. There are too many stories in the news of children and adults losing their lives to something that can be prevented. What we don't see as often, are stories where someone is rescued from from the bottom of a pool. A while back, I did a blog on twins that had been rescued, but tragically one passed away. A week ago,a 5-year-old child nearly drowned at a hotel swimming pool in Rochester, Minnesota. The child's name has not been released, but the story has. The child somehow managed to get out of his life jacket and ended up at the bottom of the pool. A parent from a wrestling team jumped in fully clothed and pulled him out. Coach Long and a nurse practitioner named Bridey Boese were nearby and immediately started to perform CPR on the child. By the time paramedic arrived, the child was "conscious and alert." Thankfully, Long and Boese were nearby and knew CPR. The child's family and the two heroes want to share the importance of CPR because it truly can help save lives. Head over to to find out where you can take a CPR class in your area. And maybe you can use it to help save a life someday.