Children Shocked by an Electric Current in a Pool

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on May 28th 2014

Security footage has emerged of several children being shocked by an electric current in the swimming pool. The three children were swimming in the community pool at the Palms West Condomimiums in Hialeah, Florida. In the video you can see a young girl go limp instantly when she touches the metal rail in the shallow end. A man is shocked while trying to pull her out, but eventually manages to do so. A little bit later, another child is helped out of the pool from the side. During all this, a young girl floats seemingly lifelessly in the water. Eventually the young girl was saved by her grandfather who rushed in to pull her out. Inspectors say the electrical current resulted from an improperly grounded pool pump that malfunctioned and electrified the water. Check out for more industry news.