Complete Pentair FNS Plus DE Filter Grid Assembly

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Dec 6th 2013

The filter grid assembly is where the DE is actually located and the dirt is trapped inside the filter. It consists of 7 large grids and a small grid held together by two tie rods going through the center along with a top manifold, an internal bleed assembly, a filter template, and a holding wheel. The Pentair FNS Plus DE Filters come in 3 different sizes. The corresponding part numbers for the filter grid assemblies are as follows:
  • 59023500 is for the 36 sq filter, which comes with 7 large 18" and a small 18" grid.
  • 59023400 is for the 48 sq ft filter, which comes with 7 large 24" grids and a small 24" grid.
  • 59023300 is for the 60 sq ft filter, which comes with 7 large 30" grids and a single small 30" grid.
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Filter Grid Assembly