Cooler Weather for Dallas, Texas

Posted by Admin User on Oct 10th 2013

It has finally arrived! Fall is well on its way to see us in Texas with cooler weather already arriving—and by cooler I mean weather in the 80s and 90s. We will be experiencing high 80s throughout the days with lower 60s in the evenings. While many states are thinking of closing up their pools, we are finally able to enjoy them without shriveling up in the heat! While we are in one of the warmest areas nationwide, it appears that everyone is finally starting to cool off. Eastcoasters are enjoying weather in the 60s and in some areas, 50s. Westcoasters are enjoying 60s and 70s. Even Southern Texans are enjoying cooler temperatures in the upper 80s! Let’s enjoy this cool weather while we can before winter comes creeping in! Check out for all your pool needs!

Cooler Weather