Davao City Pond Vacuum Traps Boy's Arm

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Jan 14th 2014

A swimming pool in Davao City was almost the scene of a tragedy when a 4 year old boy's hand was trapped in the pool's vacuum. The incident happened when the boy was left swimming alone. Resort workers had to pump water out of the pool before the boy could be rescued. Workers tried knocking down part of the pool and applying lotion to the boys trapped arm to try and free him. According to a rescue worker, the team had to use traditional rescue methods to ensure the boy's safety and prevent further damage. Once freed, the boy was taken to the hospital for treatment. The City Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte, visited the child in the hospital to check on him. For more pool related blogs, check out PoguePoolSpa.com!

boy gets trapped in a swimming pool vacuum