E-Command 4 Automation Control

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Aug 8th 2014

Automating your pool and/or spa is an option you might want to consider if you travel a lot, or are just forgetful like me. One of the options you have to automate your pool is Hayward's E-Command 4. At PoguePoolSpa, we carry the HPC-4-ACT-RC E-Command 4. This means that you get:
  • The E-Command 4 
  • 2 actuators
  • A 6-function remote
  • Wireless Antenna
The E-Command 4 can manage both 2-speed and VSP pumps and is simple to use. It's perfect for people like me who forget to do stuff without alarms. With this, you just program it and go! The E-Command 4  can control up to 4 devices and includes a breaker subpanel. It can also control 3 valves. It can control both incandescent and LED lights. An external salt chlorinator and it is capable of solar control. Check out PoguePoolSpa.com for more information. E-Command 4 Automation Control