For Your Tummy

Posted by Admin User on Aug 2nd 2013

Swimming in the pool can really work up an appetite, but the last thing you want in the summer heat is something hearty and heavy. Here are some quick and easy options for food by the pool:

  • Sandwiches. Whether its turkey and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, a sandwich is a great way to satisfy your hunger.
  • Flatbreads. Flatbreads tend to be healthier than deep dish pizza because there is less bread and grease. Top it with some grilled chicken and pineapple and you’ve got the perfect treat for friends and family.
  • Tortilla roll-ups. Lather your favorite ingredients on a tortilla; roll it up, slice, and refrigerate overnight. Now you have a perfect, cool treat for poolside fun.
  • Fruit and Veggies. A simple and incredibly delicious treat! Pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, carrots, broccoli—the options are endless! Add in some ranch dip or fruit dip and you are set. A great treat for the whole family without all the calories and carbs. Get crafty! Cut up cubes of fruit and freeze it overnight for a frosty, cool treat in the summer sun!

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