FSPA Fights for Pool Owners

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Apr 21st 2014

The Florida Swimming Pool Association, FSPA, is currently trying to pass three bills through the Florida House and Senate that would greatly benefit pool owners. The first bill, Sente Bill 956, proposes to clarify that swimming pools do not extend the line of construction. Which would make the process of getting a permit to have a pool in the coastal areas faster and less expensive. The second bill, SB 1106, seeks to hasten the process of receiving a permit. The bill would require builders to apply for a permit from the Health department first. Which would lower the risk of operating permits being denied after a facility is built. Both bills would go into effect into July if they pass. The final bill, SB 1076, was proposed to create a three-day tax holiday in September for Energy Star-certified products. The holiday would be for air conditioners, dishwashers, and refrigerators. The FSPA is seeking to include variable-speed pool pumps as well. If SB 1076 passes, the tax holiday would be from September 19-21. Check out PoguePoolSpa.com for more industry news!