Getting Creative With Your Pool and Spa

Posted by Admin User on May 20th 2013

Trying to think of a new way to bring some life to your pool and spa scene? All over the world people are coming up with new concepts to spice up their water life. Take England for example, with many tourists and citizens searching for ways to relax in the evening, they have created a ‘Hot Tub Cinema.’ Instead of driving to a drive-in movie and sitting in your car during the film, you can be ‘seated’ in a hot tub and soak in the warm water while watching a big screen movie. To make things even more exciting, movie goers don’t find out what movie is showing until they get there! They know the genre, but the final movie choice isn’t unveiled until the night of the show. St Lucia has also gotten creative. A resort in St Lucia has different colored lights in each pool and open-air bathroom that makes the resort look like a light show from a distance. They use glass tiles throughout their pools and restrooms to really accentuate the different colored lighting at nighttime, which creates an intimate but very fun experience for vacationers. To find materials needed to spice up your water scene, or for questions on how to change up your pool or spa, contact the pros at