Hayward Star-Clear Cartridge Filters

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Apr 24th 2014

Star-clear Cartridge Filters by Hayward leave your pool and/or spa water crystal clear! They have extra cleaning capacity, which makes them perfect for your pool and spa no matter the size! The Star-Clear has a single locking knob that fastens the head to the filter tank securely without bolts or clamps! Making it way easier to manage! The filter head is durable and adjustable. You can rotate it to conveniently position your pressure gauge and manual air relief. It also features an injection-molded filter tank that delivers corrosion free performance. The extra-large cartridge element helps provide extra-strength and maximum flow. Additionally, the water collector and debris sump are elevated, preventing the accidental by-pass of heavy debris into the pool or spa when the cartridge is being cleaned. The Star-Clear Filter is available in two sizes, 25 sq. ft. and 50 sq. ft. Head over to PoguePoolSpa.com to get yours today! Star Clear Cartridge Filter - 25 Sq. Ft. Star Clear Cartridge Filter - 25 Sq. Ft.Star Clear Cartridge Filter - 50 Sq. Ft.
Star Clear Cartridge Filter - 50 Sq. Ft.