Hydrotherapy For Animals

Posted by Admin User on Jun 24th 2013

With the many studies over the benefits of hydrotherapy for the human body, it is no surprise that we have stretched our knowledge into the animal world by using what works for the human body to benefit a 15 pound continental rabbit. Heidi, a rabbit from Dorset, England, has quietly been suffering from the pain and stiffness that comes with rabbitoid arthritis. A large rabbit, her caretakers lover her deeply and only want what’s best for her. Luckily, their vet was very knowledgeable in the benefits of warm water immersion, and prescribed Heidi hydrotherapy. Two times a week, this sweet bunny paddles around a heated pool wearing a little, orange life vest. Her body has responded beautifully. She is now much livelier and is finally able to enjoy the freedom of movement. It is clear that she has benefited greatly from hydrotherapy and goes to show that, when open to different treatment options, we are able to cure even the most unlikely patients.