In-floor Pool Cleaners

Posted by Admin User on Jun 27th 2013

As more and more people decide to add a pool to their home, they are faced with the question of what type of cleaner they are going to install into their pool. If you are building a new pool, a great way to go is the in-floor pool cleaner. These cleaners work with a series of nozzles located tactically on the floor of the vessel. When the cycle begins, the nozzles pop up one by one and emit pressurized water. They cause dirt or debris to be swept gradually down via other nozzles to a special drain. The debris then goes to the filter. If there is larger debris, you can get a model that routes the debris into a basket where it is then able to be cleaned out. An in-floor cleaning system can only be installed during the construction of the pool. This can be a drawback to those who are house hunting and find a house with a pool cleaning system already installed. Another drawback is that the in-floor systems tend to lag behind in those areas that have multitudes of larger debris such as leaves that get into the pool. Even robotic cleaners will struggle if this is the case for you. If that’s not your case, then an in-floor cleaner is perfect for you. They are especially attractive in those areas that have smaller debris and are able to use their pools almost all year-round. Not only do in-floor cleaners clean well, they also help with the circulation of the pool. If your pool feels warm at the top and cold at the bottom, you more than likely have a bad circulation problem. In-floor cleaners help to continually circulate the water spreading not only an even temperature throughout the pool, but also helping to evenly spread out the pool’s chemicals. For more information on in-floor pool cleaners, read In-floor Pool Cleaners Pt. II.