Instant Frog by KingTechnology

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Apr 25th 2014

Instant Frog by King Technology is the perfect way to add minerals to your pool if you don't have room for a complete Frog system. Simply place it inside your skimmer basket and Voila! Instant Frog can be used on any pool up to 25,000. It starts acting immediately, and only needs to be replaced twice a year. The best part about the Instant Frog is that it requires no installation and fits most skimmer basket. So it's hassle and maintenance free! Adding minerals to the water means you need to use less chlorine. So you can open your eyes underwater with no burn! It also means your bathing suit won't fade as fast. To find out more about the Instant Frog, contact the pros at

Instant Frog