Intermatic Emergency Shut Off Switch

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Jan 10th 2014

In case of an emergency, it is imperative to shut off the electrical equipment quickly and safely. With Intermatic's Emergency Shut Off Switch any person can shutdown the equipment using the lever. Even if they're not familiar with it. The Emergency Shut Off Switch is an enclosed, double insulated switching device that's suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It also conforms to NEC article 680-12 & 680-38 requirements for disconnects and emergency shut off. The switch can be used for new construction, or retrofitted for existing installations. It can be used to disconnect any 120/240 V resistive, tungsten or motor loads up to its rated capacity. The switch fits in a single gang junction box and features pressure terminals to help ensure convenient and secure field connections. For more information contact the pros at

emergency shut off switch