Jandy A Tribute to Andrew L. Pansini

Posted by Admin User on Oct 25th 2013

On November 4, 2011, Andrew L. Pansini passed away at the age of 93. A dedicated family man, creative innovator, and cherished friend to many, he was also the founder of Jandy pool products. They say he was known as a ‘man who looked at things differently than most people’ who enjoyed turning an observation into an invention. From accident to invention, this creative eye is what started everything for Jandy. In the 1950’s, there was no such thing as an ‘automatic pool cleaner.’ Pool owners had to manually scrub and clean their pools. During an afternoon of cleaning, Pansini’s garden hose accidentally fell into his pool and started swerving along the surface of the pool—spraying water everywhere. Being a creative man, Pansini sat and watched the hose interact with the pool water—realizing that the hose was driving the dirt toward the outlet drain and in turn, cleaning the pool. He grabbed some pipes and connected them to the hose to more efficiently direct the flow and created the world’s first automatic pool cleaner. In 1958, Pansini founded Jandy Products. The name comes from a blend of two names—his wife Jane and his own, Andy. He continued to improve his original concept and created a submersible cleaner as well as the Jandy LeafMaster—one of the most widely used cleaners in the pool trade. He continued to invent, create, and reform his inventions, causing Jandy to grow and grow. He grew Jandy into one of the most well known pool product manufacturers in the country, building an unparalleled reputation for producing the highest quality pool products on the market. His visionary contribution to Jandy is what made it a right fit for Zodiac. In 2010, Zodiac merged with Jandy to become Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. and Jandy employees joined alongside Zodiac and Polaris Pool employees to ultimately form the Zodiac family of brands. This ‘dream team’ now provides the pool industry with the most advanced products needed for a pool. Cleaners isn't all Jandy makes, check out some of their other products at PoguePoolSpa.com!!