JobFLEX, Contracting on the Go

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Mar 4th 2014

JobFLEX is a Contractor Quote Software designed for contractors, by contractors. It "seamlessly unites flexible, cutting-edge, mobile technology with easy-to-use tablet app with a convenient back-office web portal so your team can operate more quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly - no matter where they are." Features:
  • JobFLEX Mobile App - available for all Android 4.0 devices or higher
  • Customizable Material Lists
  • File Directory
  • Customer Management &Scheduling Tool
  • Data Import & Export
  • Unlimited Administrators
The Michigan firm created the software to cut down the time it takes contractors to provide a quote for their customers. It allows for instant feedback and the ability to close sales faster. Check out their website to find out more about this incredible software.