K-2006 Taylor Test Kit

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Apr 15th 2014

Pool season is coming! Which means you have to get your pool ready for use. Taylor's K-2006 Test Kit allows you to test your pool water to check what chemicals need to be added. The K-2006 Test Kit contains everything you need, you can view the full list here. When using the Tesk Kit, make sure to follow instructions to the letter. Here are the starting instructions:
  1. Read all the precautions
  2. Keep the test kit out of children's reach
  3. Store the kit in a cool, dark place
  4. Replace reagents once a year
  5. Do not dispose of the solution in your pool/spa
  6. Rinse tubes before and after each test
  7. Obtain samples 18" below the surface
  8. Hold the bottle vertically when dispensing it
The K-2006 Test Kit tests for Alkalinity, Free & Combined Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, Calcium Hardness, and pH. Get yours today at PoguePoolSpa.com.

K-2006 Test Kit