Keep Unwanted "Guests" Out of Your Pool

Posted by Admin User on Jun 3rd 2013

When you become a pool or spa owner, one of the things you don’t think about is the unwanted guests that could creep into your pool. We aren’t talking about your third cousin that only shows up when he wants something. We are talking about snakes and pests! Snakes, especially water snakes, are searching for water. When you have seasonal droughts, it is more very common for snakes, especially water moccasins, to search for a water source in which your pool might be the paradise it has been seeking. Other times, snakes fall in your pool on accident and simply aren’t able to get out. If you want to prevent snakes from coming into your pool area, here are a couple of options:
  • Granular Sulfur: spread this around the perimeter of your pool or spa deck or in the edging of planter beds. Snakes don’t like the odor and also get a belly rash after running over the sulfur.
  • Garlic: crush up 4-10 cloves of garlic and mix with water in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture around the border of your pool and deck area once a week. Snakes will avoid this area because they hate the smell of garlic.
Bugs can be more of a nuisance than anything else that may drift into your pool. Tiny bugs can create an unpleasant experience and corrupt the balance of your pool’s chemicals. Try cleaner that ‘polish’ dull water by removing small particles that sometimes a filter can miss.