La Piscine Josephine Baker Swimming Pool in Paris

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Jan 13th 2014

The Piscine Josephine Baker Swimming Pool is amazing!!! Not only does it float on the River Seine, it helps clean it too!!! It is named after Josephine Baker who was an actress and a French resistance heroine. She became the first American-born woman to receive the Croix de Guerre, the highest French military honor. The pool was completed in 2006, it's the first new pool since 1992. It's a pool that floats and can be taken apart and moved if necessary. It has a roof that retracts so you swimmers can enjoy the sunshine in the summer. The pool gives you the illusion of actually swimming in the river. The coolest part of the pool is that it takes water from the river and treats it before use then recycles it back into the Seine.  Thereby leaving the river cleaner than it was! For more blogs on other cool places to visit check out!

josephine baker