Liquid Commute

Posted by Admin User on Jun 28th 2013

Instead of driving to work, why not swim? The City of London is proposing to turn the 8.6 mile Regent Canal into a swimming lane that would allow Londoners to swim to work, or ice skate to work in the wintertime. One of several projects being considered, the city is trying to turn some of their industrial artifacts into usable public facilities. The Regent Canal was originally built to transport materials throughout the city’s industrial district. It is now unused, so instead of letting it go to waste they are hoping to put it to a good use to transport workers to their workplace. They have hopes of eventually adding in docks, public walkways, and an amphitheater. The concept calls for a multilayered permeable membrane to filter and sanitize the water and refit the canal for their future add-ins. Still being discussed, it opens many questions up to wonder what else the world will come up with to reuse our historical landmarks.