Loop Loc Pool Covers

Posted by Admin User on Jun 26th 2014

When you aren’t using your pool or when pool season is over, it is best to cover your pool with a durable pool cover. However, finding the right one is a hard decision with so many different types and brands on the market. What seems like a simple choice can quickly be turned into a tough choice when the researching begins. Check out Loop Loc Pool Covers. Loop-Loc has been making pool covers that have been flying off shelves because of their promises to the customers. Their covers are strong enough to support an elephant! Elephants can weigh up to 15,000 lbs. 15,000 lbs!!That’s a LOT of weight, which is why Loop-Loc is known as the ‘one and only intelligent choice’ in pool covers. They have been producing covers for 35 years, and continue to grow strong. No other cover is proven to be as safe and as strong as Loop-Loc and no other manufacturer has a bigger commitment to delivering a superior product with exceptional service. When searching for a pool cover, make the smart choice—and the only choice: Loop-Loc. For more information about Loop-Loc Pool Covers, contact the pros at PoguePoolSpa.com.