Must Read for Rola-Chem Chemical Feeder Owners

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Feb 20th 2014

Back in May 2012, Rola-Chem issued an advisory for customers who own an older kind of chemical feeder. The advisory came after a 2008 lawsuit regarding second-degree burns that residents of a Southern California apartment complex received after using a spa on the property. In the lawsuit, it was claimed that the chemical feeder was "on" and dumping a large amount of Chlorine into a small spa. A service technician stated he had put the feeder on "timer" mode, but that a defect must have caused it to switch modes. The lawsuit was eventually settled, but Rola-Chem never admitted being responsible. In May 2012, Rola-Chem issued an advisory regarding their chemical feeders. They had recently examined a failed peristaltic pump chemical feeder that was over 10 years old. The chemical feeder arrived with a timer that was corroded, causing it to run in continuous mode. Because of this, Rola-Chem recommends replacing the timer after 5 years. The only exception, is if you're peristaltic pump chemical feeder is managed by a chemical control and not using the timer function. Check out for more blogs.  

chemical feeder advisory