Natural Chemistry 4-in-1 Clear

Posted by Admin User on Aug 29th 2013

Natural Chemistry 4-in-1 Clear is a revolutionary new way to treat your swimming pool water naturally. Natural Chemistry’s Clear is able to be used on any type of pool, from mineral to chlorine to salt without any problems. A common issue with shocking your pool with a calcium hypochlorite product is that is affects your pH levels. With Clear, it will not affect those pH levels because it is a natural product.

Natural Chemistry 4-in-1 Clear uses an all-natural ingredient found in crabs and other sea life called Chitosan. Chitosan is found in crabs and it attracts small particles of debris in the water. Clear is used to quickly and effectively clear problem water and to polish other water by moving suspended particles.

To use the product if your water is cloudy, apply 1 oz directly to the water per 5000 gallons. If you just want to clean up the water, apply 1 oz  directly to the water per 7000 gallons.

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Natural Chemistry 4-in-1-clarifier