Natural Chemistry PHOSfree Phosphate Remover

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Dec 11th 2013

PHOSfree is a phosphate remover by natural chemistry that is formulated from lanthanum compounds. When you add PHOSfree  to your skimmer, a thin coating foams on the filter media and phosphates are reduced to a low level as the pool water flows through the filter. Unlike other phosphate removers, PHOSfree  won't cloud your pool water, create waterline rings, or have an unpleasant odor. To ensure the correct dose is used, always test your phosphate levels beforehand however, algae in your pool must be treated first and chlorine must be below 5ppm before testing phosphates. It is recommended to have a pool professional test your phosphate levels to ensure the reading is accurate. Instructions:
  1. If there's algae in your pool, treat it first.
  2. Balance your pool water chemically.
  3. Clean or backwash filter if necessary.
  4. Determine the required dose.
  5. While the filter is running, shake the bottle well, and add the required dose directly to the skimmer.*
  6. Run filter 8 hours/day for a week or 48 hours continuously without back washing or cleaning.
*If the filter pressure rises above the normal range, bump filter per manufacturer's instructions and restart it. Repeat until the pressure stays in its normal range. For more information on PHOSfree  or any other products, feel free to contact the pros at