Nimmo Bay Resort in British Columbia, Canada

Posted by Admin User on Oct 24th 2013

With summer coming to a close, many pool owners wonder what to look forward to with winter on its way. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing for you water lovers: hot tubs. At Nimmo Bay Resort, you are able to go Heli-Fishing, go on a helicopter adventure, or check out their wilderness and wildlife retreat. Heli-fishing is a way for you to gain access to 50,000 square miles of terrain including over 50 isolated rivers and streams and allows you to always be where the fish are. After a day of sight-seeing, you can relax in one of their two red cedar hot tubs that are heated to 104 degrees and secreted away in a wooden inlet, 200 miles north of Vancouver. Even more amazing, the tubs are filled by Nimmo Bay’s cascading waterfall, whose clear water trickles down from the top of Mount Stephens. Check out more blogs at!!!  

Nimmo Bay Resort