Outdoor Living’s Daniel Shimek

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Nov 25th 2013

Throughout life, we find those people that we admire and look up to for their hard work and their passion for doing what they love. Daniel Shimek is one of those people. Born in 1948, he ended up losing his long lasting battle with cancer in 2013. Shimek began his career by creating indoor wood and gas fireplaces. With his hard work and innovativeness, he became one of the largest manufacturers of hearth products in North America. His $600 million Heat and Glo company dominated the fireplace market. His interest in outdoor living grew and he created a small company with less than 50 employees that became extremely successful. Outdoor Living, Shimek’s company, provides consumers with all their needs and wants for the outdoors without having to go to several different retailers to get it. For those who knew him, they rant and rave about his kindness, his constructive and helpful criticism, and most of all his passion for hard work.