pH Balance by Leisure Time

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on May 30th 2014

When the pH isn't balanced, stuff can get a little crazy. Last year I read an article stating that the entire high school swim team lost all their hair due to it being unbalanced. The ideal pH level for a spa is between 7.2 and 7.8. Unless it is very badly maintained it shouldn't lead to hair loss, but why risk it. I would hate to lose my hair swimming in spa! Leisure Time has a unique pH balancer, called pH balance, which does just what the name says. It stops your pH from drifting. Thereby eliminating the need for constant adjustment. Use a bottle per 500 gallons every time the spa is refilled:
  1. Adjust the pH and total alkalinity of the freshly filled spa to the proper lelvels
  2. Add the entire bottle to an already filled spa while the filter is running
  3. Watch the pH instantly increase or decrease as needed
This one of a kind chemical is compatible with Chlorine, bromine, ozone and mineral purification systems. And it is not recommended for use in hard water areas. For more information on this and other spa chemicals, contact the pros at

 pH Balance