Pool Care with Song

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Nov 26th 2013

These days, it is tough to sit down and read a book about how to fix your pool and care for your pool. With our hectic lives and crazy schedules, we would rather just use our own assumptions for how we should take care of things. Matt Giovanisci, musician, filmmaker, and blogger, has created a way to make learning about pool care fun. He realized how important it is to properly care for your pool and has found a way to make even the busiest person stop and listen. Giovanisci created SwimUniversity.com, a website where consumers can learn about pool and spa care though blogs, eBooks, information graphics, and music videos. His music videos are part of what shot his success to the top because it was something that no one has seen before in the pool and spa industry. His topics range from landscaping to robotic cleaners. He used his 17 years of industry knowledge to help him create his website. He has also published a hot tub handbook that is an illustrated tub care guide. And is also in the process of publishing a DVD for hot tub yoga enthusiasts. While PoguePoolSpa.com is always here to give you information and insight on all your pool and spa needs, we also commend and appreciate Giovanisci’s hard work and dedication to a topic that we are extremely passionate about—pool care. It’s worth checking out!