Pool Cleaners

Posted by Admin User on Nov 21st 2012

Robotic Pool Cleaners are energy efficient, as they are powered by low-voltage electricity rather than the adding and extra pump to power it. You will need to clean the built-in filter from time to time, but aside from that, this is a very reliable low-maintenance addition to any pool. Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners attach to the pressure side of the pool's circulation system. This allows the water pressure to collect dirt and debris in an attached bag. Booster pumps are needed but some pressure side cleaners do not need them and can be a very energy efficient way to go. Suction-Side Pool Cleaners attache to the pool's suction ports. This cleaner moves around the pool gathering dirt and other debris while collecting it in the pumps skimmer basket. You can purchase a leaf canister to attach in-line with the hose to keep debris out of the pumps skimmer basket. Suction side cleaners are very affordable on almost any budget and are very easy to maintain. Take a look at pool cleaners by Pogue Pool Spa today!