Protect your Pool Cover with Winter Cover Seal

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Nov 29th 2013

A pool cover is a great way to protect your above ground pool during the winter months, but it may not prevent air from slipping underneath the cover and damaging it. The Winter Cover Seal does just that. It is a 500 ft long x 15" wide piece of material made out of a unique blend of tough poly blend film that you wrap around your pool to completely seal out the wind. The Cover Seal contains a special blend of resins that enable it to stretch and hold tightly over a long period of time, even with extremely cold temperatures, it is also packed with U.V. inhibitors so the sun won't weaken its hold. Since Winter Cover Seal provides an airtight seal, your pool water will be clear the next spring, and you can expect an even longer life span from your winter pool cover. To check how many times a single package will wrap around your pool click here. For additional information contact the pros at!

Winter Cover Seal