Robotic Pool Cleaners

Posted by Admin User on Jun 25th 2013

When considering ownership of a pool, an important thing to decide is what type of cleaner to set your pool up with. For many, robotic cleaners are the best option. With no hoses to the pressure or suctions sides of the plumbing, they simply have an electric line to a 24-volt power supply that plugs into a wall current. They gather debris from the floor and retain it in a bag or cartridge inside the unit. Some even gather debris from sides of the walls. While areas in the Southwest find that robotic cleaners struggle to get the sand and finer particles that get into their pools, they are growing to be more popular. One of the reasons is because the units are able to run without having the pool’s circulation pump running. Another plus is that the robotic cleaners are able to keep debris out of the system so the filters are able to require less back washing, which saves water. While there are several different options when finding which pool cleaner fits your pool the best, the robotic pool cleaner is definitely one to keep in mind. For more information on robotic pool cleaners, contact the pros and