Safety, Safety, Safety, that's the Key

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Mar 3rd 2014

It cannot be stressed enough that safety must be a top priority when embarking on an aquatic adventure. The Water Safety Organization in New Zealand has come up with a Water Safety Code that consists of four rules to keep in mind when venturing near water. 1. Be prepared.
  • Take the time to learn to swim
  • Set rules for playing in the water
  • Always use the proper safety equipemnt
  • Know the weather conditions before you swim
2. Watch out for yourself and others
  • Pay close attention to children
  • Never swim alone and swim where there are lifeguards
3. Be aware of the dangers
  • Enter water feet first to asses its depths
  • Obey safety signs and warning flags
  • DO NOT swim after drinking alcohol
4. Know your limits
  • Challenge yourself within your physical limits and experience
  • Learn safe ways to rescue someone without putting yourself in danger
  Swimming is an activity ideal for exercise and physical therapy, however it can lead to disaster if safety isn't on everyone's mind. Learn more about the Water Safety Organization by checking out their website.

Water Safety New Zealand