Scam Encourages Retailers to Change Policies

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Jan 21st 2014

Pool & Spa Retailers in Phoenix have changed their credit card policies due to several being the victims of a gift card scam awhile back. The scam is believed to have been done by two men who claimed to be purchasing an automatic cleaner with a rebate in effect for an elder female relative. They would then try to pay with a gift card. In some cases the card didn't go through, so the store employee had to enter the number in manually. Stores noticed it when they stated receiving charge backs from credit card companies for purchases made with gift cards. Local police are investigating, and it's believed the scam artists found a way to imprint stolen credit card numbers onto gift cards. The manufacturers were notified and given the serial numbers for the purchased cleaners so that they would be aware when the thieves were trying to collect the rebate money. Since the purchases were made with gift cards, retailers had to accept the losses. Retailers with multiple branches were hit more than once. Since falling victims to the scam, several retailers have changed their payment policies. Policy changes include not taking gift cards over a certain amount and  not taking it if it doesn't swipe. Check out for more pool related news.

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