Scholarships Offered for Water Safety Programs

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on May 12th 2014

I hope all the mothers reading this had a wonderful Mother's Day. Although it's a new day,Water Safety Month is still going on! According to an article on Autism Speaks, they are offering scholarships to eligible organizations. According to their article, "The Autism Speaks Swimming and Water Safety Scholarship Fund selects eligible organizations and programs to identify qualified financially disadvantaged individuals with autism and offer scholarship funds for swimming and water safety lessons." Any organization that provides qualified swimming and water safety lessons specifically for individuals with autism should apply for the scholarship. Scholarships are offered every quarter, and organizations must apply every quarter to be consider. Deadlines this year are May 21st, August 13, and November 12th. Any organization who is granted the scholarship can receive up to $2,500  depending on how often their swimming and water safety program runs. For more information, contact Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks offers Scholarships to Eligible Organizations