Swimming Makes you Smarter

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Feb 24th 2014

An international study administered by researchers at Australia's Griffith University found that swimming does in fact make kids smarter. The researchers surveyed nearly 7,000 parents with children learning to swim under 5. They were asked when their kids reached major physical, cognitive, and emotional milestones. The information the parents gave was compared against common development indicators of non-swimming children. Since parents tend to exaggerate their kid's achievements, nearly 200 children were put through a series of tests to make sure. The study found that swimmers go through milestones faster and are more cognitively advanced than non-swimmers. A test group with an average age of 3, was ahead by at least 15 months in understanding directions. A group of kids around age 4 were 7 months ahead in grasping. And about 3 and a half months ahead in locomotion. Kids just over 4 were 10 months ahead in language, 11 months in oral expression, and 6.5 months in math. If you had any questions about whether or not to teach your young children to swim, here's your answer. Swimming can help make your kids smarter. It's also great physical exercise! Check out more blogs at PoguePoolSpa.com.

 swimming makes you smarter