Taking Care of Your Swimsuit After you Swim

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Dec 9th 2014

What do you do with your swim suit after you go for a swim? Wring it out? Let it try out in the sun? Turns out none of those are a good way to care for your swimsuit. Did you know they shouldn't even go in the washing machine? Much less the dryer?? The first thing you should do is to rinse your bathing suit in cold water once you're done using it especially if you're not washing it right away. When it is time to wash it, it is recommended to hand wash, in cold water. And to use a mild hand soap, specialized swimsuit detergent, or a mild detergent, but never a regular detergent. They're too harsh. Once you're done washing your swimsuit, DO NOT WRING IT OUT! It can damage the fibers in your swimsuit. It's also not recommended to hang it since that can stretch it out. Instead, place it flat over a towel and let it dry. Or you can roll up the towel and squeeze gently then lay the swimsuit out to dry. It's also recommended to not wear it for at least 24 hours so the swimsuit can go back to its original shape.