The Benefits of LED Pool Lights

Posted by Admin User on Apr 26th 2013

Having color-changing LED lights in your pool or spa can help transform boring into extraordinary. The new technology has created more brilliant, appealing, and stronger LED lights than ever before. Not only do the lights use less electricity, but they can last six times longer than an incandescent light of equal brightness. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. What this means is there is no filament to heat up the way older bulbs do, which can waste up to 80% of electricity. LED lights provide a noticeably brighter light and use 86% less energy than the other incandescent bulbs! Today’s LED lights also provide several light options, such as blue, green, magenta, red, and even preprogrammed light shows, which enhance your pool or spa at nighttime. With the personalization available, you can even choose the speed at which the colors change! To find your own customizable LED pool lights, contact the pros at today! customizable led pool lights