The Power of the Sun

Posted by Admin User on Jul 2nd 2013

With so many prices rising all around us, it is hard to think about spending so much money on maintaining a pool. Sure, it is a lot of fun and the kids love it, but the bills? Wouldn’t it be easier to just go on vacation once a year so the family can enjoy the sun and pool instead of having to maintain your own? At Hawaiian Shores, they have come up with a revolutionary way to keep their pool running without such high maintenance bills. The answer? Solar powered filtration pumps. For the first time in the United States, a commercial pool is being run by only the power of the sun. Taking a swimming pool completely off the grid with no AC backup at all has never been done on a commercial level anywhere, and this is the second one in the entire world. The idea began with high utility bills. The entire state of Hawaii pays about $0.41 per kWhr on the Big Island. The Hawaiian Shores community was paying roughly $1,000 a month to run a 10-horse, 3-phase motor. With the power of the sun, that bill is now at $0. Supporters of the solar powered pool had to do intensive research to convince their board members that this was a good idea. They had to be sure that even if it’s raining, the pool would still run. With the success of this project, it is now evident that the pool runs well and that others are also able to ‘go green.’ From residential to commercial, the possibilities are endless! For more information, contact the pros and