The Skinny on your Skin

Posted by Admin User on Aug 14th 2013

Laying by your pool on a warm sunny day can be incredibly relaxing. With no worries except flipping to get an even tan, it is very common to forget about the damage that is being done to your skin. The sun’s rays give you Vitamin D, but they can also give you skin cancer and sun spots. Here are some helpful tips for catching some rays safely:
  1. Sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen. Whether you ‘never burn’ or are working on your ‘base tan,’ you still need to be applying sunscreen every 30 minutes. That doesn’t mean apply 5 SPF before you go out to the pool for 4 hours and never reapply! That means 30 or 50 SPF. You will still tan, but your skin will be healthy and grateful. It is especially important to make sure your face and chest are protected. These are the areas on your body with the thinnest skin; therefore they get the most damage.
  2. Moisturize! Sunscreen is great for your skin but it is also important to moisturize. Sunscreen or no sunscreen, the water dries out your skin and it needs to be moisturized. One of my favorite lotions is Lubriderm. It feels so smooth on my dry skin and I only have to apply it once a day! You can get scentless or explore there different scents. Another great lotion is Aveno. They have several different options for you and still maintain your tan.
  3. Sunscreen. I know I said it before but I feel like this needs to be said again. Regardless of your type of skin, please do your body a favor and apply, apply, apply!!!
  4. Hydrate. I had a massage a few weeks ago because I was having headaches. Want to know the reason? Dehydration. My massage therapist was amazing. She pointed out that one of the main ways to tell if you are dehydrated is to look at your feet. Scaly, cracked skin? Pump up the water. I tried it and I am here to tell you she was right! My body feels so much better and my face and skin look amazing. After one month of hydrating I can really see the difference—and I am in the sun A LOT! Give it a try and see the difference for yourself! And the best part? Water is free!