Tips and Tricks for Winterizing your Inground Pool

Posted by Admin User on Oct 4th 2013

With the weather cooling off, many people are planning to winterize their inground pool. The main purpose of doing this is to protect it from damage due to freezing water and to keep it clean for next season. Your first step should be making sure that your water chemistry is balanced to protect the surface of the pool from staining and etching. Adding a winterizing chemical kit to your water will help keep it blue and clear for the next season—just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Your next step is to lower the water below the mouth of your skimmer. This gets water out of the throat of the skimmer which can easily be damaged if water were to freeze there. Make sure you blow out the water from your pluming lines—any leftover water can freeze and crack your pipes! Seal the line of your skimmer and cover your pool to keep out the debris. Finally, drain all water from your filter equipment. Open the air relief valve on top if you have one and put the multi-port valve in the closed or ‘winterize’ position. Remove the pressure gauge and drain the pump. Drain your chemical feeder and automatic cleaner pump, heater, and any other filter equipment. Store everything in a safe place, and you’re ready for winter. For more information, contact the pros at

Winterizing your Inground Pool