What to do if There's Diarrhea in Your Pool...

Posted by Jacqui Blanton on Mar 10th 2014

It might be disgusting, but there are times when diarrhea can be found in swimming pools.The CDC has released a booklet with recommendations for pool staff to do when they find fecal matter in the pool. Of course, the same goes for private pools. When fecal matter is found in a pool, it needs to be closed immediately to allow the pool to be disinfected and prevent the spread of RWIs (recreational water illnesses). If diarrhea is found in the pool:
  • Close the pool
  • Remove the fecal material and dispose of it, then disinfect what was used to remove it
  • If necessary, consult an aquatics professional for more options
  • Raise the free chlorine concentration to 20 ppm; maintain pH at 7.5 or less; and at 77°F; maintain the pool at those levels at least 12.75 hours
  • Make sure the filtration system is operating the entire time
  • Backwash the filter once disinfection levels are reached
  • Allow swimmers back into the pool after the CT inactivation levels have been reached and the chlorine and pH have been returned to normal levels
Check out the CDC booklet here for more detailed steps on what needs to be done.

What to do if you find diarrhea in your pool...