Winterizing Your Above Ground Pool

Posted by Admin User on Oct 8th 2013

While Texans are still enjoying their pools, many states are getting ready to close down and end their swimming pool season. Here are some helpful steps for closing down:
  • Test your waters! A week before you close up, it’s important to check your pool’s pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness.
  • Shock Time! Following your manufacturer’s instructions, shock your pool. After the chlorine levels return to normal, add winter algaecide to the pool to prevent the action of the algaecide from deteriorating a winter cover.
  • Be sure to remove ladder, chemical feeders, solar blankets, and skimmer baskets from the pool.
  • Bring water level down below the mouth of the skimmer.
  • Clean up! By giving your pool the proper attention now, it will prevent such a hassle when you reopen your pool. Remove all leaves, silt, and algae.
  • Drain it! Drain all water from the pump, filtering, and heating systems. Trapped water could freeze and crack hoses and plumbing fittings. Disconnect hoses from skimmer and filter and store in a safe location.
  • Now cover it up! Place an air pillow in the center of the pool to help reduce excess rain, snow, and leaves on your winter cover and tightly cover your pool and you are ready for winter!
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